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Shop Talk with Kogo

Your local cybersecurity provider

Kogo Limited is your local cybersecurity provider, offering a variety of managed IT services, software and hardware cybersecurity solutions, and IT training and support.

Kogo has been expanding in the last few years, and now has a staff of 19 people based in Charlwoods Road, including an expert technical team, an account management team, and various specialists in specific fields. Recently we hired on an Apple device support expert, and our StorageCraft Certified Master Engineer Ben has been assisting in training up a second disaster recovery specialist.

Recently we have put on two seminars in Sussex, both centred around cyber-attacks and how to prevent your business from becoming a target. They were very well received, and we’re excited to say we’ll be hosting more events later in the year!

We believe that no single piece of security technology is a sure thing; there is no magic bullet to protect you from modern threats. For this reason, at Kogo we advocate a “layers of security” approach, where each piece of software or hardware we sell compliments the others, building a strong, layered security setup that is much more secure than any individual component. Our account managers work with our clients and our expert specialists to proactively ensure their individual cybersecurity setups are as robust as possible, and that when all else fails there is a good backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

We were asked as a part of this post whether we’d been affected by Brexit at all. We have noticed many people are less concerned about the GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Now that the UK is leaving the EU people think they will not need to abide by the GDPR, but as it will regulate how you can interact with companies within the EU, it will certainly affect many businesses even after the UK leaves! The GDPR fines for putting personal data at risk are massive, so at Kogo we are doing all we can to educate and support businesses in this area.

We moved to a larger office at the start of the year and have settled in well. Our next challenge will be desk space; as we currently only have one free desk that we are already looking to fill with a new member of the technical team. Our MD Martin is already in the process of pulling together architectural plans and getting quotes from builders, so we’ll be ready to expand further when we need to!

If you’re interested in talking to us about your cybersecurity or IT support needs, please do give us a call on 01342 333000 or email

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