Connecting & Supporting Local Business With Local People

By working together within a professional organisation, East Grinstead businesses can ensure that they have a voice and that it will be heard.

As the business scene evolves, our businesses are all faced with new and exciting challenges, many of which will bring great opportunities provided they are seized upon.

The aim of the EGBA is to support and represent all trading, service and commercial enterprises within the greater East Grinstead area.

We are in fact a Networking Association which works closely with Local Government to represent our members’ views and where possible, resolve problems. In today’s world we all need to do some thinking “outside the box” and one way of stimulating this is by talking to others.

We seek to facilitate information and communication flow through our monthly business networking events held on a member’s premises and of course our regular newsletter.

Meet Our Team

The EGBA Executive Committee consists of elected members who act like a company’s board of directors. They are there to guide the association and its officers, and to ensure it operates within its constituted framework.

Janice Fearn


Charlie Martell

Executive Committee
Logistics & Retail

Don’t miss out on the Benefits of a membership

There are plenty of benefits available to members with monthly networking events, plus many great local offers.