Dynamic Teacher opens MagiKats in East Grinstead for Maths and English tuition

Magikats in East Grinstead

Louisa Whittaker is an experienced teacher, who grew up in East Grinstead and recently returned after a six-year stint in the Middle East. Whilst overseas, she worked as a mentor at MagiKats Dubai, where students studied for the British Curriculum exams. Now open for Maths and English tuition in East Grinstead, Ashurst Wood and surrounding areas, this new franchise owner believes MagiKats East Grinstead fills a desperate need in the area for students feeling a bit lost in the education system.

“The tougher GCSEs and SATS examinations mean National Curriculum support is something parents enrolling with MagiKats require.” She adds, “The children love MagiKats because it is relaxed, fun, and boosts their confidence, whether they need basic skills or to be stretched and challenged.”

She points out that MagiKats is different to other tutoring companies because,

“MagiKats provides a focused, small group setting where children can call on a mentor to offer support when they need it. Students are the leaders of their own journey with us, and we cater for them as individuals.”

MagiKats has a strong education philosophy behind a proven brand name which has 25 UK centres. “Students learn using a multi-sensory approach with support from mentors and are not just put in front of a computer or worksheet and left to get on with it.” This includes identifying gaps in learning, which can occur when students change schools, fall ill, suffer school cutbacks/teacher absences, or endure lifestyle changes which affect their education.

Returning to her childhood neighbourhood, she has hit the ground running: “My experience as an English teacher here and abroad gives me an invaluable insight from another perspective. Changes to the curriculum at home puts enormous pressure on schools of late; I’m shocked at the struggle teachers have to meet all the new targets.”

Louisa wanted to start her MagiKats East Grinstead Tuition Centre because for local students, “being able to work on their skills away from the pressure of school is invaluable to children who see MagiKats as a kind of ‘club’. It’s a lot less pressurised than a private tutor situation, yet mentors offer close one-to-one support when children need it.”

What sets MagiKats apart from other types of tuition is that “we offer an individual programme that supports the National Curriculum whilst building core skills. Over time, we’ve seen success which raises a child’s confidence and skills, real academic progress in the classroom and great feedback from the child’s school teachers.”

MagiKats students enjoy learning with other children of their age doing hands-on activities. Parents are impressed with how workshops provide extension and challenge for topics relating to school assessments. We also help with specific examination programmes such as GCSEs.

MagiKats East Grinstead aims to provide a quality service which appeals to students who want to “learn without limits”. At MagiKats, this motto means providing a unique and personal journey.

The centre runs out of East Court in the heart of East Grinstead, with free parking and within walking distance of local schools. The workshops at the centre are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We look forward to meeting interested parents and students, who can contact Louisa Whittaker directly at MagiKats East Grinstead on 01342 325719 or visit the centre in person.

For more information:

See MagiKats East Grinstead.

About Louisa Whittaker’s journey as a new franchisee see blog link International Mentor Returns to Hometown Opening MagiKats East Grinstead

Contact: Louisa Whittaker at MagiKats East Grinstead on 01342 325719.

Author: Lee Farren
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