East Grinstead Sports Club Announcement

The Trustees of East Grinstead Sports Club are pleased to announce the appointment of Acorn Health and Leisure as their new operating partner from January 1st, 2023.

The Acorns team have been running their club, based at the Copthorne Hotel, since 2016 under the management of Michael, Mary, Jane and Carina.  Unfortunately, the site was destroyed by a fire in August this year and the entire leadership team is looking forward to coming over to the EGSC site and beginning again.

Gary Needle, Chairman of East Grinstead Sports Club said

“On behalf of the Trustees and all the members and visitors of the clubs based at East Grinstead Sports Club, we are delighted to welcome Acorns and look forward to working with them over the coming years.  Our purpose as a charity is to provide excellent sport, fitness and recreation facilities for the community in East Grinstead and the neighbouring area. This new partnership with Acorns is a fantastic opportunity to enhance our services and encourage the widest possible range of people to participate in sport and pursue healthy living.”


Michael Hough of Acorns commented

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring our energy, style of management and operations to East Grinstead Sports Club. We are an experienced team of people who are ready to give our all to the East Grinstead Sports Club site.  I believe our experience, of having run the Acorns club for the last 6 years, will provide an excellent environment for all users.  I am confident that our energy and enthusiasm will provide a bright future for the members and users of the sports club site, continuing to build on the fantastic work done by others in previous years.”


For information

East Grinstead Sports Club is a Charity that owns and is responsible for running the 35-acre multi-sport site at Saint Hill Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4JU.  Sport has been played there since 1959 and the community sports clubs based on site include CD Phoenix Netball Club, Dunnings Squash and Racketball Club, EG Cricket Club, EG Hockey Club, EG Meads Football Club, Felbridge Badminton Club, EG Lacrosse Club, Saint Hill Table Tennis Club.  East Grinstead Sports Club has a large Gym and hosts many events and functions for the local community using its bar and catering facilities.

Acorn Health and Leisure Ltd was set up to take over what was once known as LA Fitness at the Copthorne Hotel with a goal to rebrand and revitalise the club as ‘Acorns’. The directors had a lengthy background in hospitality and their vision was to combine their knowledge and experience with the operational know-how of the existing management of the club. The result took it in the intended direction of becoming a true Club rather than just a facility. Up until the day of the fire Acorns had invested time and money into building the volume of participating members across all of the areas of activity and the Club had become a vibrant centre for the local community where there was a healthy balance between sports and fitness and social bustle in the bar!.

Author: Lee Farren
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