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It was great to see so many people turn up and to give us the chance of making members aware of the unique service we offer to property buyers. DevAssist are the only company in the country that investigates locations for change. We regularly save people from making a life changing mistake.

We literally have thousands of case studies where they have revealed a development risk to property buyers but a large property in Windsor jumps out as one of our favourites. The purchaser had agreed to purchase a listed building sitting in 12 acres in a rural location. It would have not been unreasonable to view the remote location and assume it was free of development risk. We all know what happens when you assume?

It turned out the property straddled two councils, Windsor and Maidenhead and Bracknell. Bracknell has failed to demonstrate that it has a five year supply of housing, therefore leaving it vulnerable to hostile planning applications for development. In such cases there is an automatic presumption of development. There was also a large area of agricultural land which the council had found suitable for development in their Land Availability Assessment. It was going to provide 2200 homes and it was directly opposite the listed building that the clients were buying. It would have had a catastrophic impact on the area and the marketability / value of the subject property.

You might think that this is an isolated example but everyday DevAssist expose similar cases such as this.

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Author: fiona bewers
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