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Every Christmas The Greenaway Foundation (which is the charitable side of Greenaway Residential Estate Agents), helps financially challenged families by providing them with all the ingredients they need to cook a two-course healthy Christmas dinner.

This year has been challenging to say the least for everyone and we predict more people will need help this Christmas than ever before.  Since the launch of their appeal in 2011 the number of families that have been helped every year has increased.  Last year 344 families in the Crawley, Horley & East Grinstead areas received deliveries.  This year they predict that they will be helping more than 500 families. 

They cannot do this alone and once again they are reaching out to local companies for help.  In each delivery made to a family, there are eleven food items ranging from stuffing and oil to chickens and sprouts, what they are asking is for a company to sponsor one food item which will obviously vary in cost.  Darren Greenaway, Chairman and Trustee says “As a company owner myself, I do appreciate that some of these items are quite expensive.  If you feel this way, but want to help we can have two or even three companies sponsor one item”.

Below are the items which still need sponsoring:-

Sprouts                                       Keymex

Parsnips                                     Whitehall Homes LLP

Carrots                                        Bond & Associates

Potatoes                                      Optima Systems

Vegetable Oil                              £550

Stuffing                                       Benchmark Reprographics

Gravy                                           Benchmark Reprographics

Mince Pies                                  Precision Electrical

Christmas Pudding                  £1000

Cream                                         BGL Communications

Chickens Large                         £1000

Chickens Medium                    £800

Chickens Small                         £600

Children from nominated families can also make a wish to Santa for a present (price range £10-£25), last year Greenaways made over 700 wishes come true.  If your team would like to help making a child’s wish come true, please contact 0134277977 or if you wish to make a donation <<CLICK HERE>>

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