HMRC’s regular Talking Points

HMRC’s regular Talking Points provide information, guidance and tips to help you to understand tax issues.

We have more Talking Points webinars coming up. There are a limited number of spaces, so save your place now:

Super-deduction first-year capital allowance
This webinar is an overview of the super-deduction capital allowance and covers:
• what expenditure qualifies
• what exclusions may apply
• how to use HMRC’s new online tool to check eligibility
• how to claim the super-deduction relief
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Changes to the VAT652 – Error Correction Notice form
This recorded webinar will provide:
• an introduction to the digital VAT652 – Error Correction Notice form
• a walk-through of the online form
• information on how to complete and submit the form

When is software in a project considered R&D?
This recorded webinar looks at the guidance in the Corporate Intangibles Research and Development (CIRD) manual, in particular the guidelines in CIRD 81900, and the mistakes that are often seen when companies attempt to align their projects to the requirements of the R&D scheme.

How to register for VAT using the VAT1 form
Please watch a recording of this webinar. It will explain how to register for VAT using the VAT1 form, focusing on the most common errors with completing the form and providing tips on how to avoid mistakes.

Using the VAT484 form to report changes
Please watch a recording of this webinar. It will explain how to complete the form VAT484 to report any changes to your client’s VAT-registered business. This will include changing business contact details, VAT return dates, business partners and cancelling the registration.

An overview of the new VAT late submission, late payment penalties and interest changes
This recorded webinar will explain HMRC’s new VAT penalties and VAT interest changes. These will replace the VAT default surcharge for VAT accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2023.

The Trust Registration Service and reporting discrepancies
This recorded webinar will cover:
• what is the Trust Registration Service
• what is a trust, trustee and relevant person
• the proof of registration document
• how to make a report and penalties for not complying

Declaring your grants on your Company Tax Return (CT600)
Please watch our YouTube video for an overview of how to report coronavirus support payments and grants on your Company Tax Return, what happens if you’ve claimed too much and records you need to keep.

Foreign income agent toolkit
Do you advise UK taxpayers who receive foreign income? Read HMRC’s new ‘Foreign income toolkit’ to get the latest information on how to help your clients complete Self Assessment returns to disclose overseas property, investment and pensions income, and more.

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