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The Government in its recent Further Education FE White Paper, launched a number of pilot ‘trailblazer’ projects to develop Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) with the aim to address concerns that employers do not currently have enough influence over local skills priorities, recognising some sectors are facing significant skills and labour shortages.  Sussex Chamber of Commerce was one of the successful applicants selected to work with Government to pilot Local Skills Improvement Plans see link.

Sussex Chambers although working to a set Government process has identified the ‘Rural and Land Based’ sector as one of the six primary sectors they will be focussing on. To ensure the rural and land-based sector (and sub sectors) has a strong voice and is well represented in the final LSIP, Plumpton College and the Rural West Sussex Partnership have been selected to assist Sussex Chambers with their LSIP development as part of the Government ‘trailblazer’ programme.

Admittedly very short notice and a very narrow time window, we urgently need to rapidly disseminate out to the wider rural sectors two important opportunities to engage with, and influence, the LSIP project, which will influence how Government views and ultimately funds future skills provision.

1. Rural Skills virtual event: Friday 26th November, 10:00am to 11:00am being run by Sussex Chambers, primarily with a view to engage with key rural employers, training providers and sector representatives to start the scoping process. Free to join via this link. We need a really strong rural representation on 26th.

2. Direct engagement with key rural employers, businesses and sector representatives: Plumpton College and Rural West Sussex Partnership over the next fortnight need to undertake a number of very short direct ‘conversations’ with the rural and land-based sector. These will be very short and light-touch just to take a sounding of the skills challenges that face the sector. To this end please either call us or email us to arrange a quick ‘conversation’ on key skills and employment issues.

If you have any queries on LSIP and the need for rural and land-based engagement, please contact either Dan or Sandra at the details below:

Best regards

Dan Karlsson – Plumpton College
Sandra Grant – Rural West Sussex Partnership

Dan Karlsson
Head of Business Partnerships Sandra Grant
Project Manager

DD: 01273 892073 M: 07713 508478
Mobile: 07464 821621

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