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East Grinstead Museum

East Grinstead Museum are looking for a local business that would be able to provide some secure, dry space at free or peppercorn rent.  We appreciate this is a big ask but hope that might be a business (or possibly a training establishment?) out there in the East Grinstead area who can help??

Like most museums, East Grinstead has many more items in its Collection than it can ever show to the public.  And, with small premises overall, it’s important that we give as much space as we can for public enjoyment via our exhibitions and research room facilities.

Upstairs, our staff and volunteers are pretty much sitting on top of each other because we have so little backroom space. We are fast reaching the stage where we will have to reluctantly turn away any new donations of any size because we will not be able to accommodate more material.   We are also constrained in the number of backroom volunteers who can come into the Museum to support our projects because there’s hardly anywhere for them to sit!

There is no short-term prospect of physically increasing onsite storage.  So, we need to look at how we can use the space as effectively as possible.  An obvious option is to try and take less-used material offsite.

A number of years ago, the Museum agreed to take into its Collection the entire photographic negative archive of Malcolm Powell, one of the town’s most well-known firms.  If we had not done so, the archive could have been dispersed and lost.  There was no other home.  However, in the absence of suitable project funding, there is no realistic prospect of doing anything of any substance with the archive although the long-term aspiration is to improve cataloguing and to digitise material of significance to the town.  Until that happens, we have a large number of boxes which take up approx. 150 square foot of shelving space.   It has become our elephant in the room in more ways than one!  The truth is, we cannot afford to pay for a commercial storage option offsite.

Please help!

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Author: Lee Farren
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