Your local Waitrose improvements update

Waitrose has invested in improving the East Grinstead Branch. The improvements include new self scanning checkout machines, a new wines department, a new bakery department and improvements to the interior and exterior lighting and signage.

Changes have also been made to simplify the car parking and provide more spaces for customers. The Car Park now gives customers 90 minutes free without validation inside the store. If customers wish to return and use the car park for popping into the town they can do as long as the return isn’t within two hours.

The branch has also added made in branch baguettes to the assortment, these are freshly made baguettes made in branch and served within 2 hours of being made. They can be ordered for lunch events and local businesses too.

There are some huge promotions in the branch throughout September, with a large campaign into the branch’s Essential Range. Why compromise on the food you eat most often? At the heart of our essential range is the belief that you shouldn’t have to compromise your standards, even on the everyday items. We have decreased the prices on 1000,s of key lines to really promote our value.

We are also happy to support local businesses by providing space for meeting rooms for training events.

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Author: fiona bewers
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