New Offer from RLM Locksmiths Aims to Reunite Keys with their Owners

RLM Locksmiths has announced an extension of their services to include a new KEY TAG service that will help reunite lost keys with their owners in Surrey and Sussex.

There’s not a day that goes past when someone is posting a picture of lost keys on social media platforms, and mostly without success of finding the rightful owner. Not only does this cause inconvenience to the owner but it can often mean they incur expenses by replacing house keys and car locks.

The new KEY TAG system works by registering the name and contact number of customers on to a database and issuing them with a KEY TAG for their bunch of keys that displays RLM Locksmiths number as a point of contact. If your keys are found, RLM Locksmiths will contact the owner and arrange for the keys to be delivered or collected.

Dan Reynolds, Director of RLM Locksmiths said,

“As a locksmith, I’m always finding new ways of reducing costs, time and stress for my customers and the new KEY TAG system seems like a sensible solution.

“It’s a really secure way of managing lost keys as there is no doubt who the keys belong to given an individual KEY TAG number is assigned each time to a new customer. Plus, no address details are given. I’m really looking forward to rolling this out and seeing this part of the business evolving.

Find out more about KeyTag at

Author: Lee Farren
Published on:

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