Mid Sussex

Mid Sussex District Council are looking for an “Ambassador” for  a team of students from one of our local senior schools participating in a STEM Challenge.  All senior schools in the Mid Sussex district are participating. They have been set an identical technical challenge and at some point next year will compete against each other.  This year it is around building a high-speed radio-controlled car from a kit, then making some innovations to the design in order to win the challenge.

As part of the programme each school has an “Ambassador” assigned to them from a local company, who needs to be able to commit about 60-75 minutes one afternoon a week to visit the school and give the group of pupils some guidance.  Sadly, the organisers  have never managed to get a company from East Grinstead involved and just this week someone who was supporting an East Grinstead school has had to drop out.

They are now looking for a supportive East Grinstead company who could spare an employee (a few companies actually assign this role to an apprentice) to be an Ambassador to an East Grinstead school?  If this is something that you would like to get involved with, please contact Samantha West and I can pass your details on.

Author: fiona bewers
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