The Solar Together Sussex for Business

The Solar Together Sussex initiative is helping businesses in West Sussex to invest in renewable energy through a group buying scheme for solar panels, battery storage and EV charge points.

The scheme helps owner-occupied businesses and commercial landlords to switch to clean energy by providing high-quality Solar Photo-Voltaic (solar PV) systems from pre-approved, industry regulated suppliers at competitive prices.

Solar PV suppliers can offer competitive prices due to the volume and geographical concentration of installations, passing cost savings on to customers. For those that have already invested in solar panels, there is opportunity to fit a battery or EV charge points onto an existing system.

Solar Together Sussex is run by a partnership of Sussex local authorities led by West Sussex County Council and independent group buying specialist, iChoosr. Since 2019, the scheme has fitted more than 1,700 solar PV and battery systems, 20,000 solar PV panels and 1,200 batteries.

Commercial solar PV installations of up to 25 panels can be catered for by Solar Together Sussex, although it may be possible to install a larger system by agreement with the individual installer. By installing your own Solar PV system, your business can achieve carbon emissions reductions, and help West Sussex to become a carbon neutral county.

Solar Together aligns closely with West Sussex County Council’s ‘Council Plan’ priorities which include supporting a sustainable and prosperous economy and tackling climate change.

Daire Casey, Energy Services Manager for West Sussex County Council said: “With the increasing costs of energy, many businesses are looking to reduce carbon emissions, save on energy bills and stabilise ongoing running costs, while reducing their dependence on the national grid. The Solar Together scheme offers a straightforward and low risk way to explore renewables and make an informed decision with access to a competitive offer from an approved provider.”

Pre-approved solar PV suppliers will participate in an auction, with the purchasing power of the group-buying system enabling competitive pricing. Following the auction, registered businesses will be emailed a personal no-obligation recommendation, with a quotation showing the expected savings. Businesses will have 6 weeks to choose whether to accept, and if so, the specifics of their installation will be confirmed with a technical survey. A date can then be set for the installation of the new solar PV system.

Businesses can now register to join the group for free and without obligation

Author: Lisa Thompson
Published on: Last updated: 28th April 2023

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