From 21 December 2022 claim forms for Income Tax relief for employment expenses, known as P87s, must include the following additional information:

• all the details in section 1, except for the title and contact phone number which are optional
• employer PAYE reference number in section 2 – your clients can get this from their Personal Tax Account, the HMRC app, P45 or P60 and give it to you
• type of industry in section 2 if the claim includes flat rate expenses

Any forms received on or after 21 December 2022 that do not include the required information will be rejected.

We first alerted you to these requirements in early and mid-November to give you time to prepare.

The changes to the P87 form are being introduced so that we can improve customer experience and pay customers the money they’re due as quickly as possible. We also need to ensure our advisers’ time is used efficiently and that forms can be processed electronically.

Please take care with any P87 forms you submit and ensure they are accurate and all the required information is included.

Author: Lisa Thompson
Published on:

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