UK Growth Coach award win: Best SME Management Consultancy in Sussex

We are delighted to be able to share the exciting news with you that UK Growth Coach has just won the Best SME Management Consultancy in Sussex at the Management Consulting Awards run by Wealth & Finance International!

The award is a real testament to not only the hard work and quality of the business coaching we provide, but the results and real-world impact our clients experience.

Where the marketplace is flooded with big-business coaching concepts that aren’t always fully relevant in an SME setting, our unique models (all developed by our own team) are a refreshing change. Our approach to coaching is based on concepts we’ve developed ourselves after years as business owners and coaches to more than 250 business clients.

Here are just some of the client results that helped us achieve this accolade:

  • Reduced one business owners working week from 80hrs to 45hr and enabled them to go on their first family holiday for five years.
  • significantly bolstered a construction company’s secured future work and cash security, from 4 weeks to 9 months.
  • enabled a business owner to expedite the sale of their business, achieving a higher market price than initially anticipated.
  • increased another company’s year-on-year turnover by 35%
  • empowered one firm to create six new jobs.

We don’t just look at or focus on the business results, but also on the beneficial impacts to the lives of the company owners, their teams and the wider business society. By improving business results, we enhance the lives of business owners, employees, supply chains, and the community overall. SMEs who work with us deliver economic benefits to the communities they serve through job and wealth creation, as well as other contributions.

Why not take advantage of a complementary business review with one of our coaches, where together we will:

  • Assess your business’ current progression status.
  • Explore your aspirations for the future and current barriers.
  • Discuss ideas, opportunities, and make relevant suggestions.
  • Consider how actions, support and education can make change happen.

Sound interesting?  Give us a call on 01444 440500, or book directly here:

You can also check out our website for more information:

Author: Lisa Thompson
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