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During the last quarter, the country mourned the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and her incredible reign. Whilst watching the coverage from her 96 years, 70 on the throne, it made me think of the many significant innovations, inventions and discoveries she must have seen.

Many people might not know that A. A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh book was first published in the same year Queen Elizabeth was born – nine decades later Pooh remains a household name. Two years later sliced bread was invented and ten years after that the BBC made its very first broadcast.

During the war, Sellotape was invented, followed by Nylon and Penicillin. Post-war and during Queen Elizabeth’s early reign, disposable cameras and nappies came along at the same time as some of medicines’ biggest breakthroughs – DNA and Polio vaccines. Followed closely by non-stick Teflon pans and Play-Doh!

Queen Elizabeth saw the launch of Blue Peter, super glue, the birth control pill, LED Lighting, the credit card, the microwave, the World Wide Web, VCRs, IVF babies, mobile phones, iPads and 3D printers, I could go on!

It’s exciting to think about the changes and innovations that might take place under the new King’s reign.

At RISE we have a window of opportunity to make our mark on history. With over 200 local businesses now engaged, we are delighted to be supporting local innovation, accelerating new products and services. Who knows which ones will be game-changers?

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Author: Lisa Thompson
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