Waitrose planning application – please comment

Waitrose has put in an application to change our very tight delivery restriction (they are currently 7am-9pm) and we have asked to change them to 6am-9pm to match the majority of other Waitrose branches in the estate.

There is quite a lot of detail in the plan which my compliance team have submitted, but apart of our application is about sustainable economic growth. I have included this bit from the plan.

It would be great if the business association could support us on this particular point and comment on the application.

We will of course take a great deal of care to ensure this change doesn’t disrupt residents and as you will see in all the detail we have completed noise surveys etc to show the potential impact.

The link to the whole application is below:

If you have any questions please email James managereastgrinstead@waitrose.co.uk

Author: fiona bewers
Published on:

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